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Fruit de nos efforts, une perle qui garnie l'or éclatante et ci claire juste pour vous. dont le but d'exprimer votre existance quotidienne dans nos coeurs, on vous offerts coeur2net sous le sens ......... qui est ce qui frappe a votre porte et vous emp
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 Ramadan Karim

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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تاريخ التسجيل : 29/08/2008

مُساهمةموضوع: Ramadan Karim   الإثنين سبتمبر 01, 2008 5:02 pm

One night I heard a knock on my door
Who can it be,I wasn't quite sure
I open the door and am filled with glee
The visitor ahead is no stranger to me

I welcome the guest with utmost delight
For I know it has come to give me respite
An air of happiness fills the space
!My home now seems, a better place

?Have you any clue who this visitor could be
Yes!its Ramadan,the month of mercy
The pious and righteous can't await its arrival
Others seem to greet it, with waves of deniaL

For Allah(SWT) we fast from dawn to dusk
For Him our breath is the fragrance of musk
The muslims who pray and fast with zest
Are aware of the rewards of this month manifest

Throughout this month we weep and repent
Now is the time to strongly lament
And those who shun this sacred month
on the Day of Reckoning will face the brunt

In the last ten nights,hides the Night of Decree
Allah(SWT) then awaits for his slaves to plea
The angels descend with Gabriel(AS) in the lead
To check on the steadfast and record every deed

A feeling of grief now fills my heart
As the month of Ramadhan will soon depart
So lets make a start and worship Him alone
Now that the worth of this month is known
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Ramadan Karim
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